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This is the plot:
Girl goes fishing, catches a body
Wife is questioned
She’s adamant; he was a good man, beyond scrutiny
Naturally we doubt her.
He who is without sin, etc --
Stones were involved here too
That bruise didn’t come from dancing
What about his pregnant daughter
Who left in the dead of night?
Who is the father?
And the relative who heard
The slap to a child of seven
He, a grown man of six and four
With almost as many years
Hold on
This story is too heavy for Hollywood
Hitch a ride on the six o’clock express
Everyone agrees with the wife
This man was as good as any
His daughter left of her own will
He wanted her to stay.
The seven year old was probably about to stick a hanger into a socket
Relatives should mind their own business.
He went for a stroll
Slipped on some ice
Tips into the freezing river
This is an open and shut
Is the cafe open?