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No food, no water
Christ on earth
It's hot as hell.

Beauty --
It was beauty that tempted me to this
Blade's edge
On this no-path
hold; forward an unholy distance
Backward, a purgatory
Up, the empty sky
Down --
That drop must be three storeys
Damn these Frenchmen
Man of Uncertain Age -- at least twice mine --
Jaunting, jumping
Breezes past me with a pleasant "bonjour"
This is no bon jour
Climbers like flies
Pick their way up sheer cliffs
I pick
A retreat.

Next day I'm back
Watered and ready
Facing down the wind
It whipped and pushed
Today it flutters
Pats me on the cheek
Sweet, graceful, conceding
What was I on yesterday?

White rocks lean against the Mediterranean
Big as Lucifer
My hand comes down and
Shoves them into the sea
Like a stack of dominoes.

Big Day